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The Night of the Iguana

An American Classic


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The Night of the Iguana


by Tennessee Williams
directed by Preston Lane

August 31 - September 21, 2008

"Together, everyone involved gave this intimate character drama the power and grandeur of an epic." -Joe Scott, Greensboro's News & Record

One night can change your life.
Defrocked priest T. Lawrence Shannon now scrapes out a living as a tour guide in Mexico. On the verge of a mental collapse, he abducts his tour group to a crumbling seaside hotel on the edge of the jungle. As a fierce tropical storm rolls in, Shannon must wrestle with the passions of the women around him – the wrath of a Texas school teacher, the advances of a lustful teenager and the jealousies of the widowed hotel owner – as he seeks solace with a new arrival, a gentle spinster traveling with her grandfather – the world's oldest living poet.