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Beautiful Star: An Appalachian Nativity

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Beautiful Star: An Appalachian Nativity


by Preston Lane
original music by Laurelyn Dossett

November 27 – December 23, 2009

Come home for the holidays.
The best tales are the ones worth repeating. Returning for the fourth and final season of celebration, Reverend Ledbetter and the Open Heart Community Fellowship gather again for their rendition of the Christmas story, with down home laughter, toe-tapping music and a tug at the heartstrings. Come experience the joy and wonder that have made Beautiful Star the biggest hit in Triad Stage’s history.


News & Reviews Beautiful Star: An Appalachian Nativity


Triad Stage's Beautiful Star Tells an Appalachian Nativity Story
Classical Voice of North Carolina
December 4, 2009

For many years, the little country church I grew up in had a Christmas Eve play, and it was the highlight of the year. I can look back and mark my growth through the parts I played, and watching Triad Stage’s Beautiful Star: An Appalachian Nativity was like revisiting those years.

In penning Beautiful Star, Triad Stage director Preston Lane harks back to his own experiences with Christmas plays, particularly his own Aunt Shirley’s, performed by friends and relatives in her basement. So, this is a forum with which he’s familiar; but as we’ve come to expect from Lane, it’s so much more than a one-dimensional story of the Nativity.

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