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Steel Magnolias


by Robert Harling
directed by John Feltch

April 10 – May 8, 2011

Have a good hair day.
Many things beside hair get done at Truvy’s hair salon, and that’s why it is the place to go in Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana. Gossip, revelations and witty Southern banter flow like refreshing sweet tea on a hot summer day. The opinionated Truvy and her new assistant, Annelle, play host to unlikely friends Ouiser and Clairee, the respectable and sociable M’Lynn and her beautiful daughter, Shelby. As the women come face to face with difficult times, they are brought together through strength and love.



News & Reviews Steel Magnolias


Sweet, Intoxicating Steel Magnolias at Triad Stage
Classical Voice of North Carolina
April 15, 2011

It hardly seems possible that Magnolias is now a "period" piece, but it has, after all, been some 24 years since the play, almost instantly made into a movie starring Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, et al., flowed from the pen of Nachitoches, La., native Robert Harling.

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Actresses have steel magnolias in their lives
Go Triad/News & Record
April 14, 2011

Whether you grew up in the South or not, there’s something about the mixture of laughter and tears in “Steel Magnolias” that resonates with women.

The play and the 1989 movie are set in a hair salon and focus on six women, their ups and downs and the strength they find in their friendships with each other.

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Triad Stage Presents Steel Magnolias
88.5 WFDD: Your NPR News and Triad Arts Station
April 6, 2011

The New York Times calls Steel Magnoliasby Robert Harling "Brimming with originality, wit and genuine affection". Triad Stage actors Beth Ritson and Catherine Charlesbois along with director John Feltch tell us why on Triad Arts Up Close!

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