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A Doll House

A Life-Changing Classic


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A Doll House


by Henrik Ibsen
adapted and directed by Preston Lane

October 16 – November 6, 2011

Dare to be free.

The most controversial play about love and marriage ever written still shocks and thrills a century after its lead character opened a door to freedom. Nora lives the perfect life and seems to be the perfect wife. Her husband has been recently promoted, her children are adorable, and she is about to pay off a secret debt. All seems right until a past crime she committed to save her husband threatens to destroy her happy home and she must face the hardest choice of all. Does she have the courage to stand alone? Can she face her fear of freedom? Expectations shatter and traditions are torn apart in this startling exposé.

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Come into the house. A Doll House, that is, Triad Stage's latest production in its 11th season.
Classical Voice of North Carolina
October 21, 2011

 Edgy, raw, and riveting, Preston Lane's adaptation of Henrick Ibsen's A Doll House is a must for students of classic theatre, a thrill for Triad Stage fans, and a compelling installation for contemporary art lovers. As anyone who has watched an adaptation of a century-plus-old work knows, these productions can vary wildly from the originals. In A Doll House, Lane shows us Ibsen through a soft filter of time, which seems to only intensify the play's timelessness and the message Ibsen threw in the face of Victorian mores.

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