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The Revolutionists

The Reign of Terror is in Full Swing in this Outrageous Comedy!


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The Revolutionists

By Lauren Gunderson

The Reign of Terror is in full swing, but playwright Olympe is way more concerned with how to start her next play. Marianne (her bestie from Haiti) keeps demanding Olympe turn to more serious work such as her anti-slavery pamphlets. Meanwhile, the murderous assassin Charlotte Corday demands some really killer last words for her execution on the scaffold. Add in Marie Antoinette (Let Them Eat Cake), ribbons, tea, letters and a guillotine and you have a wild night of fast and fierce fun that asks questions about art and activism, true sorority, and whose story gets told.

Rated PG13: Strong language, sexual language, interpretations of violence, racial microaggressions, and sound of a gunshot

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