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The Shifting

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Sun, Mar 217:30pm
Mar 22
Tue, Mar 237:30pm
Wed, Mar 247:30pm
Thu, Mar 257:30pm
Fri, Mar 268:00pm
Sat, Mar 278:00pm
Sun, Mar 282:00pm 7:30pm
Mar 29
Tue, Mar 307:30pm
Wed, Mar 317:30pm
Thu, Apr 17:30pm
Fri, Apr 28:00pm
Sat, Apr 32:00pm 8:00pm
Sun, Apr 42:00pm 7:30pm
Apr 5
Tue, Apr 67:30pm
Wed, Apr 77:30pm
Thu, Apr 87:30pm
Fri, Apr 98:00pm
Sat, Apr 108:00pm
Sun, Apr 112:00pm
Apr 12
Apr 13
Apr 14
Apr 15
Apr 16
Apr 17

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The Shifting

By Preston Lane and Laurelyn Dossett

Take a journey on the wild side.  Nowadays in the Blue Ridge, old ways have given over to the 21st century, but when a county sheriff shoots a wild animal in the woods near one family’s home, dark secrets threaten to spill out.  The creators of Brother Wolf and many other Triad Stage favorites spin a tale of intrigue, love and the wonders of change.