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At The Pyrle Theater - Greensboro



By Bram Stoker Stage Adaptation by Preston Lane

Bring the garlic and wooden stake, but leave your disbelief at home. A bloodsucking stranger appears in London and has citizens locking their doors and praying for dawn. Join the fight against the darkness that strikes even the purest of hearts.

From the Artistic Director
I love a good scare. There’s nothing as thrilling to me as when I’m part of an audience so completely drawn in by a play we believe the danger on stage is 100% real. Dracula scares us. It is filled with chills and thrills. But it also gets under your skin. The vampire’s evil infects everyone who comes into contact with it—even those determined to destroy it. The story haunts you long after it’s over—and that’s what makes it really terrifying.

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Tickets & Showtimes

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Sun, Oct 207:30pm
Oct 21
Tue, Oct 227:30pm P,TT
Wed, Oct 237:30pm P
Thu, Oct 247:30pm P
Fri, Oct 258:00pm ON
Sat, Oct 268:00pm
Sun, Oct 272:00pm IN7:30pm
Oct 28
Tue, Oct 297:30pm $
Wed, Oct 307:30pm $,PT
Thu, Oct 317:30pm SD
Fri, Nov 18:00pm WT
Sat, Nov 28:00pm
Sun, Nov 32:00pm 7:30pm
Nov 4
Tue, Nov 57:30pm
Wed, Nov 67:30pm
Thu, Nov 77:30pm
Fri, Nov 88:00pm
Sat, Nov 92:00pm AD8:00pm
Sun, Nov 102:00pm
Nov 11
Nov 12
Nov 13
Nov 14
Nov 15
Nov 16

Programming guide:


Renfield / Coachman / Ship's Captain
Brian Mullins
Dr. Seward / Vampire
Michael Newman
Lucy Westenra / Mina Harker / Innkeeper / Vampire
Maggie Thompson
Van Helsing / Dracula (in Transylvania)
Dathan B. Williams
The Child
Sarah Bock
Jonathan Harker / Dracula (in London)
Curt James

Creative Team

Eleanor Holdridge
Set Designer
John Coyne
Projections Designer
Nick Hussong
Sound Designer
Patrick Calhoun
Fight Choreographer
Jim Wren
Movement Coach
Denise Gabriel
Vocal Coach
Emily Rieder
Sarah Hankins
Casting Director
Cindi Rush
Costume Designer
Hunter Kaczorowski
Lighting Designer
Andrew Griffin