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A Christmas Carol


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A Christmas Carol

Presented by:

By Charles Dickens | Adapted by Preston Lane

Celebrate the season. Scrooge and the Spirits are headed back for a holiday ghost story of hope and redemption. One night changes everything as the shadows of his past give Ebenezer one last chance for a future.  Thrill to the chills and give in to the joy of A Christmas Carol.

From the Artistic Director:
Dicken’s story is perhaps my favorite book.  Its promise of a second chance, a life re-discovered and its constant urging to take care of each other inspires us to be our better selves.  All of us at Triad Stage approach each year’s production with childlike joy, eager to re-discover the magic and promise that lies just beyond the dark night of fear that Scrooge must survive.  Our home in Winston-Salem provides the perfect space to share our Carol – the Triad’s newest holiday tradition.

Business 40 will be closed throughout December. Plan ahead to find an alternate route to the Hanesbrands Theatre. Click here for detour information. 

Performance Guides
These supplemental guides were created for our Sensory-Friendly Performance (see below for details), but all audiences may find them useful before attending a production.

A Christmas Carol Visual Story Guide
A Christmas Carol Character Guide
Triad Stage Performance Guide


InSight with Jenny Pyke
Sunday, December 2 @ approx. 4:00 pm (immediately following 2 pm show) // Facebook event

Book Club: Lost by Gregory Maguire
Tuesday, December 4 @ 6:00 pm
Greensboro Library Benjamin Branch // Facebook event

Book Club: Lost by Gregory Maguire
Wednesday, December 5 @ 6:00 pm
Bookmarks Literary Arts Organization // Facebook event

Sensory-Friendly Performance
Saturday, December 8 @ 2:00 pm
Join us for a sensory-friendly and relaxed performance for audiences of all ages and abilities.

Storytelling Night | Theme: Holiday mishaps
Monday, December 10 @ 7:00 pm 
UpStage Cabaret
Storytellers and audience members join us for an evening of stories inspired by themes from our MainStage! // Facebook event

Book Club: Lost by Gregory Maguire
Wednesday, December 12 @ 6:00 pm
Scuppernong Books // Facebook event

Thursday, December 13 @ 7:00 pm
A pre-show conversation that offers context and ways to connect to the show's thematic elements. // Facebook event

Tuesday, December 18 @ approx. 9:00 pm (immediately following 7:30 pm show)
A free-wheeling discussion with the cast following the show. // Facebook event

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“Short of The Muppets Christmas Carol, Triad Stage‚Äôs yearly production is my FAVORITE adaptation!”

Audience Member


Mr. Fezziwig/3rd Businessman/Villager/Ensemble
Jeff Aguiar
Bob Cratchit/Villager/Ensemble
Ben Baker
Beggar/Edward Cratchit/Boy on the Street
Jackson Colo
Ghost of Christmas Past/Hortence/Charwoman/Ensemble
Deanna Gowland
Mrs. Cratchit/Ensemble
Lalenja Harrington
Beggar/Martha Cratchit
Charli Renae Hicks
Topper/Dick Wilkins/Villager/1st Businessman/Ensemble
Will Hodgdon
Beggar/Tiny Tim/Ghost of Christmas Future
Harper Kaley
Beggar/Belinda Cratchit
Ne'Shayla McKinney
Beggar/Youngest Scrooge/Ignorance
Austin North
Mrs. Fezziwig /Ghost of Christmas Present/Ensemble
Lulu Picart
Ebenezer Scrooge
David Sitler
Charity Man/Young Husband/Villager/Ensemble
J. Andrew Speas
Jacob Marley/Old Joe/Ensemble
Lee Spencer
The Beggar Woman
Cinny Strickland
Beggar/Child Scrooge/Peter Cratchit
Auguste Paul Thielemann
Charity Woman/Belle/Edwina/Young Wife/Ensemble
Abigail Wilson

Creative Team

Sarah Hankins
Music Director
Joanna Li
Scenic Designer
John Coyne
Costume Designer
Kelsey Hunt
Lighting Designer
Aaron Porter
Sound Designer
G. Clausen
Projections Designer
Nicholas Hussong
Sara Ruth Tourek
Accent Coach
Robin Christian-McNair
Casting Director
Cindi Rush
Stage Manager
Terence Orleans Alexander
InSight Speaker
Dr. Jenny Pyke

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