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Buyer & Cellar

By Jonathan Tolins

Alex More, a not-so-successful actor somewhere north of 30, finds himself in the basement of one of Hollywood’s biggest icons. Hired to operate the shopping mall – complete with stores and a food court – in the basement of one of the houses on the star’s estate, Alex spends most of his days alone dusting and dreaming – until one day a bell rings, a door opens and he’s standing toe-to-toe with the celebrity herself. Jonathan Tolins’ hilarious 2013 Drama Desk Award-winning one-man show tackles the luxury and loneliness of celebrity.



Funny Girl screening | A/perture Cinema
Tuesday, October 10 @ 2:30pm and 6pm

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“Enjoyed it immensely. Very funny!”

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Alex More
Christopher Geary

Creative Team

Donna Baldwin-Bradby
Scenic Designer
Rob Eastman-Mullins
Costume Designer
Jennifer Speciale Stanley
Lighting Designer
Rob Perry
Sound Designer
Jane Shaw
InSight Speaker
Michael Garval

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Geary soars in 'Buyer & Cellar'
Winston-Salem Journal
October 16, 2017

One-person plays either soar like an airplane making a smooth take-off or crash in a horrendous mess. That’s because the show’s weight is on the shoulders of one actor who is on stage for the entire length of a performance and has to engage and entertain the audience. And most importantly, never bore. Christopher Geary soared Saturday at Hanesbrand Theatre for Triad Stage’s production of “Buyer & Cellar,” a 2013 comedy written by Jonathan Tolins. 

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Triad Stage’s ‘Buyer & Cellar’ imagines a unique job
Winston-Salem Journal
October 7, 2017

Don’t worry, the spelling of the word “cellar” in the play’s title is both correct and deliberate. The entire roughly 90 minutes of Jonathan Tolins’ 2013 comedy, “Buyer & Cellar,” takes place in a very special basement. Tolins tells the story of Alan More, a down-on-his-luck Los Angeles actor who winds up with a decidedly different job.

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