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October 18 - November 8, 2015


Sun, Oct 187:30pm
Oct 19
Tue, Oct 207:30pm
Wed, Oct 217:30pm
Thu, Oct 227:30pm
Fri, Oct 238:00pm
Sat, Oct 248:00pm
Sun, Oct 252:00pm7:30pm
Oct 26
Tue, Oct 277:30pm
Wed, Oct 287:30pm
Thu, Oct 297:30pm
Fri, Oct 308:00pm
Sat, Oct 318:00pm
Sun, Nov 12:00pm7:30pm
Nov 2
Tue, Nov 37:30pm
Wed, Nov 47:30pm
Thu, Nov 57:30pm
Fri, Nov 68:00pm
Sat, Nov 78:00pm
Sun, Nov 82:00pm7:30pm
Nov 9
Nov 10
Nov 11
Nov 12
Nov 13
Nov 14



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by Ira Levin

Sidney Bruhl is a successful playwright and thrillers are his specialty. After a series of flops he is desperate for a hit. He thinks he has found his next box office smash, but it is a script written by one of his former students. Together with his wife, he hatches a deadly plan to make the story his own. However, everything is not what it seems. This Broadway thriller is sure to have you on the edge of your seat until the shocking end.

Presented with support from WellSpring Retirement Community 
and Triad City Beat.

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Helga ten Dorp
Bonnie Black
Myra Bruhl
Amy da Luz
Clifford Anderson
Christian Daly
Sidney Bruhl
Robert Emmet Lunney
Porter Milgrim
Jeffery West

Creative Team

Bryan Conger
Scenic Designer
John Coyne
Costume Designer
Dina Perez
Lighting Designer
Rob Perry
Sound Designer
Jonathan Fredette
Resident Movement Coach
Denise Gabriel
Resident Vocal Coach
Resident Fight Coach
Jim Wren
Casting Director
Cindi Rush
Stage Manager
Emily J. Mails
Insight Speaker
Ryan Shirey

News & Reviews Deathtrap


Deathtrap provides twists and shivers at Triad Stage
Yes! Weekly
October 28, 2015

 Successfully scaring someone is a science and an art; it takes a precise manipulation of lighting, sound and suspense to create a feeling of uneasiness. Triad Stage capitalized on all three key components to artfully craft their scare tactic during its opening performance of Deathtrap.

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