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Welcome to the Triad Stage Learning Department!

Learning at Triad Stage

Learning has been one of Triad Stage's core values since the company began in 2001. We take our responsibility to help inspire the next generation of theater artists and audiences seriously through programming bold, thought-provoking theater and through engaging our community in conversations related to art and the creative process. We are excited to launch a number of new opportunities for young people, adult audience members, and the Triad community at large beginning in the 2017-2018 season.

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Our Vision and Goals
  • Inspire creative thinking and curiosity in learners of all ages
  • Create spaces for artistic risk-taking, generative failure, and bold experimentation
  • Inspire imaginative and artistic confidence by fostering multiple entry points to the creative process
  • Offer opportunities for connection and dialogue among community members with diverse identities, experiences, and views

Inclusion is one of our core values. We believe that anyone who is interested should be able to access Triad Stage Learning Programming, and aim to remove as many financial barriers to participation as possible. Most tuition-based programming offers options for scholarships or reduced cost admission with demonstration of financial need.

We also strive for our learning programming to be accessible for individuals of varying abilities. If your child has any learning or physical differences, we will work to make sure that our programming serves as a safe and welcoming place for them.

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Learning Program Areas

For Audience Members

Community is one of the core values at Triad Stage. We believe that theater has the power to unite diverse groups of individuals through a shared experience of a performance; strangers become friends, discover common ground, and begin dialogue with each other.

Our events for audience members take place immediately before or after performances, in the weeks leading up to productions, and during the summer off-season in community spaces outside the theater. All of these programs seek to offer audience members an opportunity to deepen their theatrical experience through interactive discussions, engaging presentations by artistic and historical experts, and opportunities to share their own stories.

For Students

We plan to begin offering on-site drama classes and camp starting in mid-2018. These experiences will range from introductory experiences with drama and theater to advances opportunities for young people to home their artistic skills and create their own performance.

For Educators

In adhering to our core value of Learning, Triad Stage recognizes educators at all age levels and in diverse contexts as key partners. We celebrate the daily contributions of teachers to inspiring and supporting young people as they develop academic, social-emotional, creative, and collaborative skills. In all of our programming for teachers and students, we seek to support your curricular goals and in-classroom needs with our learning programming.

Whether you’re looking to offer your students a theatrical experience by attending a student matinee or hoping to re-invigorate classroom curriculum in Theater, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, or social-emotional learning, we have something for you!

For Emerging Professionals

One of the key ways we activate our core values of Excellent and Artistic Risk is the way in which we seek to inspire young professionals in the theater field. We take our responsibility to mentor the next generation of artists, technicians, and administrators seriously. In this spirit, we offer a number of opportunities for young professionals and those new to the field to develop and hone their crafts, whether those crafts include performance, design, technical construction, or arts administration.

For Teaching Artists

If you are a teaching artist in the Triad Region (or is interested in working here), we are always looking for qualified candidates to teach camps, classes, and in-school programs.

Join our Teaching Artist Playshop and look for job opportunities at

Support Our Learning Programs

It is our goal to make Learning Programs as accessible as possible to all young people and families, regardless of financial means. You can help us achieve this goal in several different ways.

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