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Job Openings


Triad Stage is currently seeking a carpenter for our 2018-2019 season. The individual will work closely with our technical director, carpentry apprentice, and professional designers from all over the country to build and install five mainstage productions and one holiday production. The individual must have a working knowledge of scenery construction methods with both wood and steel, basic rigging experience, and an understanding of shop safety practices. Teaching and mentoring experience are highly encouraged. An ideal candidate is a creative problem solver with a positive attitude in a collaborative environment. Triad Stage has a core value of Inclusion and is actively seeking to diversify its staff. The position is full time seasonal with benefits. For consideration please send resume and references to


The carpentry apprentice will report to the resident Technical Director. Apprentice will assist with building, loading in, loading out, shop work, and maintenance for six shows throughout the season. Apprentices will learn safety procedures, tool work, organization and how to work with a variety of materials and techniques. Ideal candidates should have a working knowledge of scenic carpentry, some welding experience (or willingness to learn) and the capability to work as part of a team. They should also have a positive attitude, follow instructions well and feel comfortable working independently on build projects if required. Triad Stage has a core value of Inclusion and is actively seeking to diversify its staff. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available. For consideration please send resume and references

Play Submissions & Auditions

Play Submission Policy

Thank you for your interest in Triad Stage. We are unable to accept unsolicited scripts at this time. Due to the volume of material we consider each year Triad Stage only accepts play submissions from playwrights, agents, and theatre artists with whom we have an existing professional relationship. Unsolicited scripts will be returned when there is a SASE enclosed; those without a SASE will be recycled.

Please note that Triad Stage does not provide any comments or suggestions about work that we do not intend to develop or produce. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Kamilah Bush, Artistic Apprentice.


Triad Stage will be holding auditions for our upcoming production of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE on May 31, 2018. We strongly encourage actors of all ethnicities to audition.


Date: May 31, 2018, 11am - 7pm.
(Break between 1:30 – 2:30)
Location: Sloan Rehearsal Hall, located on the third floor of Triad Stage
Address: 232 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27401

Auditions are by appointment only.

Please contact Sarah Hankins, Associate Artistic Director, to schedule an appointment. Email:
Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue and bring a picture and resume.
Auditions for the rest of the season will be held in late summer 2018.


First Rehearsal: August 14, 2018
First Preview: September 9, 2018
Opening: September 14, 2018
Closing: September 30, 2018
Possible extention until October 7, 2018
Rehearsals: Tuesday – Sunday, 6-8 hours daily until tech.

Character Breakdown:

VERA CLAYTHORNE (Female, 25-30, open ethnicity) A good-looking, resourceful and charming young woman who plays at aloof but has more of an interior life than she lets on. She cleverly deflects conversation and attention while also welcoming it. She leverages this to outsmart and outlast the rest of the accused people on the island. Despite her intelligence and wit, she has less control of her emotions. Her motivation for murder and ultimately her downfall are the result of her tendency towards fixation and emotional instability. Allows love to lead her to madness, murder and ultimately suicide.

TOM ROGERS (Male, 55-65, open ethnicity) The refined and dignified manservant of the house on Soldier Island. Even as the tragic events of the play unfold, he remains in service of others, always keeping about his work. Described as “quick and deft” and is accused of being the mastermind behind the crime he and his wife committed. He bullies and seeks to control his wife, often telling her how she should and shouldn’t behave. While less loquacious than his wife, he is no less judgmental about those in a higher station than he and allows this to motivate murder, in service of receiving a legacy from the woman he and his wife killed.

MRS. ETHEL ROGERS (Female, 55-65, open ethnicity) Roger’s wife who is described by her husband as a woman who “talks a lot but gets it done”. Seems worried and frightened at all times. A highly emotional woman who is controlled by her bullying husband and is judgmental of those who are more well off than she. Worries about being looked down upon by richer people - which may be the result of insecurity and shame about her station in life. This coupled with her husband’s influence drives her to help kill her former employer. The guilt of this action follows her and makes her frail and nervous.

PHILIP LOMBARD (Male, 30-35, open ethnicity) An attractive adventurer who craves excitement and is bored by the simple life. Where other characters seek to solve the mystery with logic and reason, he is more motivated by strength and force. Flamboyant and flirty, Lombard allows his old-fashioned views about “Natives” to drive him to kill and his outdated views of women to underestimate Vera - seeing her as a damsel rather than a threat. His wicked and dark sense of humor pairs with his blatant and unapologetic honesty, making him one of the keenest of the guests on the island. While others hide behind subterfuge, he admits his crimes and cares only about self-preservation and the truth.

WILLIAM BLORE (Male, 45-50, open ethnicity) A former corrupt police officer who framed an innocent man, Blore is experienced in deceit and deflection and yet has some difficulty covering his seams. He is described by Rogers as having neither money nor class and others see through the facade he has adopted. Despite this, he is able to use his loud and bold personality as a way to establish authority. The others often look to him for advice, but he is rarely right in his assumptions and frequently makes blunders.

GENERAL MACKENZIE (Male, 60-70, open ethnicity) The oldest of the island’s guests, General Mackenzie appears as an upright, soldierly old man, who is harmless. He is a creature of habit, even in unfamiliar places, and the rest of the guests placate and care for him as the tragedy unfolds. As it is revealed that he is a jealous and murderous man, he begins to lose his grip on reality, slipping into madness and hallucinating images of his dead wife. Eventually, he resigns himself, and all the others, to death - citing his old age as to why he will go without a fight. 

SIR LAWRENCE WARGRAVE (Male, 50-60, open ethnicity) An old, stalwart judge who is described as being “responsible for sending more innocent people to their death than anyone in England”. Wargrave is obsessed with the law and sees it has a limited force, which he has a duty to operate outside of. His cunning, experience and authoritative nature allow him to take a leadership role on the island. It becomes evident in the end, however, that he is actually a madman, driven by sadistic desires to be judge, jury, and executioner of those who have escaped prosecution for their crimes.