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The Assistant Costume Shop Manager assists with the execution of the costume designs for stage productions and reports to the Costume Shop Manager (CSM) and the Production Manager (PM). This position starts in August and runs for the duration of the season (through early June). This is a 10 month position and housing is NOT provided. This position is hourly and benefits are available after 90 days of employment. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•    Assist CSM in all aspects of the daily operation of the costume shop
•    Help maintain department budgets, purchasing and equipment
•    Assist in supervision, education and management of costume department staff, assistant costume designers and interns
•    Assist in costume execution for all productions, working with guest designers to ensure execution of all aspects of costume designs
•    Participate in fittings, consultations, shopping and shop work as needed
•    Follow all safety protocols
•    Other duties as assigned by the CSM, Designer or PM
•    Read script(s) and help determine the costume technical needs for the production
•    Track the timely progress of all costumes, recognizing when potential problems exist and devising possible solutions to keep shows on track
•    Assist in acting as a liaison with stage managers for fittings, public relations photo shoots and quick change rehearsals
•    Assist with assigning stitchers and supervising crew calls
•    Attend production meetings as necessary
•    Attend fittings as necessary
•    Check in and out rehearsal costumes
•    Assist in creating and maintaining the budget for each show
•    Assist in creating and maintaining the piece list
•    Assist with creating and maintaining the action plot
•    Shop for items needed for shop and productions
•    Assist in maintaining the costume shop, wardrobe room and supply stock
•    Research the period, style and techniques necessary to complete each costume within the costume designer’s guidelines
•    Assist in fabricating patterns for specific actors, either by draping or flat pattern making
•    Assist in cutting or supervising the cutting of all fabric for each costume from the pattern
•    Assist in determining the necessary yardage and trim needed for each costume
•    Make alterations to costumes as necessary
•    Assist in setting up alterations for stitchers as necessary
•    Correct patters or alter costumes as necessary
•    Read and follow costume handbook

Please send a cover letter, resume, 3 professional references and any notes about availability to Costume Shop Manager Jennifer Stanley at:


Triad Stage is seeking bright, motivated, talented individuals to join our Professional Training Program. Apprentices will be involved in every area of the organization, including working in technical areas to support MainStage productions, assisting full-time staff in budgeting and administration, and contributing to Triad Stage’s education programming.  All Apprentices receive housing as well as a seasonal stipend.  All Apprentices are required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and some Apprentices will be required to serve on running crew for up to four productions.  Apprentices will not be able to hold a second job during their time at Triad Stage.  The Professional Training Program begins in early August 2018 and runs through early June 2019.  Apprenticeships will be available for the following positions:  Carpentry, Properties, Costumes/Wardrobe, Electrics and Sound, Stage and Production Management, Production, Artistic, Education, Marketing/Development, and General Management. To apply, please send a resume, cover letter and digital portfolio or website link if available to: Submission deadline is Friday, March 16. 

Carpentry Apprenticeship

The carpentry apprentice will report to the resident Technical Director.  Apprentice will assist with building, loading in, loading out, shop work, and maintenance for six shows throughout the season. Apprentices will learn safety procedures, tool work, organization and how to work with a variety of materials and techniques. Ideal candidates should have a working knowledge of scenic carpentry, some welding experience (or willingness to learn) and the capability to work as part of a team. They should also have a positive attitude, follow instructions well and feel comfortable working independently on build projects if required.  There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Properties Apprenticeship

The properties apprentice will report to the resident prop master. Apprentice will conduct research, assist the prop master with projects ranging from furniture construction to set dressing, and work on other projects as assigned.  Apprentice will also be involved in the technical process assisting the prop master with notes on a daily basis. Ideal candidates are dedicated, detail-oriented, organized, and demonstrate follow-through and an ability to work independently on projects over longer periods of time. Skills desired include sewing, basic carpentry and willingness to learn. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Costumes/Wardrobe Apprenticeship

The Wardrobe Apprentice will report to the Costume Shop Manager in assisting with preparation and maintenance of costumes starting with the design process through strike. The wardrobe apprentice will be responsible for tracking and assisting with backstage changes, maintaining detailed paperwork and serving as the Wardrobe Supervisor for up to five of our mainstage productions. Apprentice will accompany designers and staff members to production meetings, on shopping trips, and will serve as Wardrobe Supervisor starting with technical and dress rehearsals for the duration of the run of each show assigned. Ideal candidates have solid sewing skills; experience in costume construction and repairs; are positive; flexible; and work well under pressure; have an ability to work well with others; have experience with casts of all sizes; the capability to do basic repairs on show pieces; and quick change experience is desirable. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Electrics and Sound Apprenticeship

Electrics and Sound Apprentice will report to the Master Electrician (70%) and Sound Supervisor (30%). Apprentices will assist with electrics load-in/focus/strike for ALL six shows in our season, attend production meetings and technical rehearsals with the Master Electrician, and program/operate an ETC Ion light board for five MainStage shows as assigned. Ideal candidates will have some experience with lighting technology. Interest and experience with projections is desired as Triad uses projections heavily. Apprentices will also shadow and assist guest sound designers, participate in daily sound tasks such as maintaining and repairing equipment and system design and maintenance, assist with load-in and load-out, and any other sound tasks that arise during the tech process. There may also be opportunities to serve as a board op or A2. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Stage Management and Production Management Apprenticeship

The Stage Management and Production Management apprentice will report to the Stage Manager (40%) and Production Manager (60%). Apprentice will assist the production manager through daily tasks of the production process as assigned: activities may include attending production meetings, design meetings, and full tech processes, as well as taking notes and communicating with department heads. Apprentice will assist the production manager in hiring run crew/over hire positions and leading production meetings and running errands during the tech process or other times. The Apprentice will assistant stage manage two to three shows during the season. Apprentice will serve as an active member of the stage management team by assisting in preparation for rehearsal, participating in rehearsals, preparing for tech, and attending production meetings. Apprentice will be eligible to participate in the Actor’s Equity Association Membership Candidate program if desired. Ideal candidates are organized, self-motivated, able to independently solve problems, and capable of supervising the backstage process of a production and serving as crew head throughout the run. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Production Apprenticeship

Production Apprentice will primarily report to the resident Technical Director and will work in various departments depending on production needs and timelines. Apprentice will assist with building, loading in, loading out, shop work, and maintenance on assigned shows. Apprentice will learn technical skills in a range of technical areas while also getting a sense of the big-picture of a number of production processes. Ideal candidates must be able to follow instructions well and feel comfortable working independently if required. Apprentice may also be asked to work with all departments as needed, so flexibility and an interest in various areas of technical theatre (including props, lighting, and sound) are a plus. A positive attitude is a must. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Artistic Apprenticeship

The Artistic Apprentice will report to the Artistic Director and the Associate Artistic Director. Apprentice will assist with dramaturgy for the full six shows in our season as well as assisting resident and guest directors in the rehearsal space. Additionally, the artistic apprentice will facilitate local auditions for each production. Ideal candidates have experience in dramaturgy and/or directing, a knack for the creative process and the art of collaboration, and an insightful, positive energy that fuses seamlessly with Triad Stage core values. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Education Apprentice

The Education Apprentice will report to the Learning Director. This apprentice will assist with all areas of education programming at Triad Stage, including but not limited to: camp and class registration and administration, curriculum design and lesson planning (arts integration and theatre skills-based), communicating with teachers and students involved in Poetry Out Loud and the August Wilson Monologue Competition, teaching classes and workshops (both as an assistant and an independent teaching artist), creating resource guides, facilitating audience engagement activities (such as pre-show conversations and post-show talkbacks), and managing student matinees. Ideal candidates will be highly organized, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and independently, have a bachelor’s degree in either theatre or education, experience working with young people, and exceptional written, over-the-phone, and in-person communication skills. Before being hired for this position, candidates will need to consent to a background check.  There is a season stipend and shared housing available.
Marketing and Development Apprenticeship

The Marketing and Development Apprentice will report to the Marketing Manager, Development Manager, and Director of Audience Services.  Apprentice will assist in the day to day operations of the marketing and development department by assisting with Triad Stage’s online publication and social media platforms, drafting press releases and email content, maintaining community calendar listings, maintaining donor records, sending donor acknowledgements, conducting donor research, providing assistance with annual campaign efforts and mailings, and assisting with special events.  They will also work with Director of Audience Services as the Co-House Manager for our five MainStage productions. Ideal candidates are organized, driven, detail oriented, able to multi-task and work independently, and able to seamlessly engage with audience members.  There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

General Management Apprenticeship

The General Management Apprentice will report to the General Manager and the Director of Audience Services. Apprentices will assist in the day to day operation of the theater by serving as the volunteer coordinator, assisting the General Manager with administrative tasks such as data entry, account reconciliations, and preparation of budget documents and financial statements, working with the Company Manager on guest artist relations, and serving under the Director of Audience Services as the Co-House Manager for our five MainStage productions. Ideal candidates are organized, driven, detail oriented, able to multi-task and work independently, and able to seamlessly engage with audience members and coordinate volunteer ushers while offering exceptional hospitality. There is a seasonal stipend and shared housing available.

Play Submissions & Auditions

Play Submission Policy

Thank you for your interest in Triad Stage. We are unable to accept unsolicited scripts at this time. Due to the volume of material we consider each year Triad Stage only accepts play submissions from playwrights, agents, and theatre artists with whom we have an existing professional relationship. Unsolicited scripts will be returned when there is a SASE enclosed; those without a SASE will be recycled.

Please note that Triad Stage does not provide any comments or suggestions about work that we do not intend to develop or produce. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email Kamilah Bush, Artistic Apprentice.



Saturday, February 17
12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Call 336-274-0067 x215 or email to schedule
Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue, and bring a picture and resume.

Available roles:

Suzanne Oliver – (White, mid-late 30s) – A detective with the Hawboro Police Department, Suzanne is a down-to-earth, blue-collar woman, who is more comfortable observing the world than participating in it. Her quiet resolve hides a deep loneliness and desire for family, which she finds with the Kings. Her love for the family has blinded her to their violence and lies, and now she finds herself haunted by her mistakes and the past. By combing through the evidence and exhaustively analyzing each moment of the crimes with the audience, she is desperately trying to piece together the truth to exorcise herself of the past. She uses logic and reason to try to ground herself back in reality. Actress must be comfortable with direct address with the audience. Speaks with a North Carolina Piedmont dialect.

Teresa Rae King – (White, mid-late 20s) – Although she initially hides it under a quiet and a seemingly disconnected exterior, Teresa is filled with passion, rage, and a fierce determination to get what she wants. Her silence hides a deep resentment and loathing. Once she takes the leap and starts an affair with Levon, she becomes obsessed with the idea of killing her husband and freeing herself from her family. After her affair with Levon, she is dominated by an insatiable lust. She can be violent and cruel and is deeply lonely. Her frustrated desires lead her to madness. She is physically beautiful, but dangerous. Actor will be in underwear. Should be able to swim and be comfortable in water. Speaks with an Appalachian dialect.

Carter King – (White, mid-late 20s) – Physically weak and unhealthy, Carter is Teresa Rae’s husband and the spoiled son of Mamie King. A low-level employee at Zebulon College, Carter is full of himself and petulant when he doesn’t get his way. A coward and bully, Carter secretly feels vulnerable about his physicality and his bragging hides a need for approval, especially from Levon. Levon’s body holds a fascination for Carter and he will do anything to impress him. Carter enjoys showing his power over Teresa Rae, but simultaneously fears losing her love. Carter has a cruel streak, but immediately toes the line whenever his mother asserts her authority. Actor will be in underwear. Should be able to swim and be comfortable in water. Speaks with an Appalachian dialect.

Levon Lankford – (White, mid-late 20s) – A sexy, sexy well-built man, Levon takes up all the air around him. Since his recent release from prison for small-time drug deals, he works in the Physical Plant at Zebulon College. Lonely for affection and family, he becomes almost an adopted son to Mamie when Carter brings Levon home for dinner. He has an immediate lust for Teresa Rae and will do anything to get what he wants. Manipulative and powerful, Levon doesn’t shy away from physical or psychological violence, but he is deeply terrified of the supernatural. Levon is emasculated by Carter’s death and punishes those around him, including cruelly torturing Mamie. He is devolves into a dissolute wreck of a man. Actor will be in underwear. Should be able to swim and be comfortable in water. Speaks with an Appalachian dialect.

Mamie King – (White, late 40s, early 50s) – The matriarch of the King family, Mamie is originally from the mountains of Appalachia and for years ran the Hawboro hair salon, Mamie’s Beauty Spot. A grounded country woman given to no- nonsense, Mamie still has a flair for the dramatic, including her Flutter by Gabor wig. She has an exhaustive capacity for remembering gossip and family scandals. Lonely for home, Mamie adopts odd-balls and the abandoned to create her own family of sorts in Hawboro. She is deeply religious and given to singing spirituals when overwhelmed. When it comes to what’s right, it is her way or the highway. She spoils her son Carter and often treats Teresa Rae like a servant. Actress must be skilled in non-verbal communication. Speaks with an Appalachian dialect.