Triad Stage

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

November 28 - December 21, 2014

by Preston Lane with original music by Laurelyn Dossett
Inspired by THE SNOW QUEEN by Hans Christian Andersen

a winter adventure

When a young boy disappears on a winter’s day in the heart of Appalachia, his best friend sets out to bring him home. So begins a journey through snow and ice, leaving the everyday world behind, as a magical winter time path leads deeper into a frozen kingdom. Inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, this adventure for audiences of all ages transports the story to the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge. From the creators of Brother Wolf, Beautiful Star, Bloody Blackbeard and Providence Gap, Snow Queen weaves music, magic and make believe to celebrate the courage of a brave young girl.


Prented By: VF Corporation

With Additional Production Support Provided By:  Cone Health, Ice Age Management/McDonald's, & Graffiti Ads


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Snow Queen
Emily Gardner Hall
Tall Tree / Crooked Creek / Wild Dreamon / Little Frona-Belle
Amy Hamel
Dylan Lowe
Widow Mason / Black Eyed Susan / Wild Dreamon / Aunt Mona-Lee
Patti Perkins
Autumn Routt
The Story Weaver
Gayton Scott
Great Wind / Stranger Fella / Crow / Mountain Cat / Storm
Jamison Stern
Water Witch / Wild Dreamon / Aunt Mary Pat / Chicken / Redbird
Cinny Strickland
Sun Warrior / Ironweed / Lost / Whitetail Stag / Blizzard
Brady Wease
Scott Manring
Faye Petree
Ben Singer

Creative Team

Writer / Artistic Director
Preston Lane
Composer / Musical Director / Musician
Laurelyn Dossett
Dani Keil
Scenic Designer
Howard C. Jones
Costume & Puppet Designer
Bill Brewer
Lighting Designer
Laura J. Eckelman
Sound Designer
David E. Smith
Resident Movement Director
Denise Gabriel
Resident Vocal Coach
Christine Morris
Casting Director
Cindi Rush, C.S.A.
Bryan Conger
Stage Manager
Emily J. Mails


Triad Stage - Pictured: the cast of Snow Queen (2014). Photo by VanderVeen Photographers.

Triad Stage - Pictured: the cast of Snow Queen (2014). Photo by VanderVeen Photographers.

Triad Stage - Pictured: the cast of Snow Queen (2014). Photo by VanderVeen Photographers.

Triad Stage - Pictured: the cast of Snow Queen (2014). Photo by VanderVeen Photographers.

Dressing a Story

Yes! WeeklyDecember 3, 2014

 It takes many elements to tell a good story: facial expressions, inflection at just the right time, dramatic pauses. And costumes. Costumes not only submerge the audience in the story and set the tone of the play, but they also tell the bigger story: the time period and the surrounding setting. The costumes in Triad Stage’s Snow Queen tell these stories and much more.

Snow Queen hits the season trifecta

News & Record December 2, 2014

There is a profound trichotomy at play in the production that aids its theatrical effectiveness. The merging of music, text and visual stimuli work in unison to achieve a richness and complexity often unreached when retelling folklore for the main stage. Dossett’s beautiful musical arrangements — perfectly executed by musicians Scott Manring, Faye Petree and Ben Singer — are without question treasures not only in terms of the play itself, but also in the overarching arena of folk music as a whole. The music alone is incentive enough to fill the audience seats.

Props master Eric Hart: This guy wrote the book on making props for plays

News & Record / Go TriadNovember 27, 2014

When Triad Stage artistic director Preston Lane decided to stage his original musical, Snow Queen, last December, he fully realized that a play of this magnitude presented a number of technical challenges. Chief among them were five animal puppets that had to move in very specific ways for which there was no template, no reference point. Each had to be built from scratch, using trial and error, ingenuity, imagination and innovation. Lane, however, did not hesitate in going ahead with the production for he knew he had the perfect man for the job. In fact, he had the man who wrote the book. Literally.

Local Talent : Emily Gardner Hall

Yes! WeeklyNovember 26, 2014

I was minding my own business, seriously, when one of the foodies at Scuppernong Books asked this exceedingly polite woman standing next to where I was sitting if she was “going to rehearsal.” It was one of those times where being a reporter allows me to be nosy. As she waited for her order, I decided to ask her what type of rehearsal she was attending. I assumed music, and being an amateur musician, I was interested in the twominute conversation. “I’m in a production at the Triad Stage,” she said with a posh London accent. “What’s the play called?” I asked. “The Snow Queen,” she said. “Do you have a big part?” I asked. “I’m the Snow Queen.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is the demure and humble Emily Gardner Hall.