Triad Stage

All's Well That Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well

June 8 - 29, 2014

by William Shakespeare

Follow your heart.

She loves him. He doesn’t even notice she’s alive. And so begins one of theater’s greatest romances.  It’s a wild journey of risks, magic, war, traps, betrayal and true love.  A sick king is cured of his deadly disease.  A brave young woman is given the husband of her choice.  An unhappy groom flees for the foreign wars.  A woman refuses to take no for an answer.  Filled with comedy, love, bold plans, dirty tricks and brilliantly drawn characters, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL is Shakespeare done Triad Stage style—a classic re-invented. 

Presented with support from CityView at Southside, Compass Financial Partners LLC, Volvo Financial Services and WellSpring.

Part of THTR 232--Triad Stage's annual collaboration with UNCG. 

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5th Lord / Guard
Tyler Barnhardt
1st Lord
Alex Cioffi
King of France
John Herrera
3rd Lord / Guard
DeAndre' Hicks
Anthony Michael Martinez
Chloe Clark Oliver
Mariana / Page
Madelynn Poulson
Countess of Rossillion
Beth Ritson
David Ryan Smith
Widow Capilet
Cinny Strickland
Sibel Turkdamar
4th Lord / Attendant
Brady Wease
Jeffery West
2nd Lord
Lee Wilson
Kim Wong

Creative Team

Preston Lane
Scenic Designer
Robin Vest
Costume Designer
Bill Brewer
Lighting Designer
Robert Perry
Sound Designer
David E. Smith
Voice and Text Coach
Christine Morris
Fight Choreographer
Jim Wren
Bryan Conger
Casting Director
Cindi Rush, C.S.A.
Stage Manager
Emily J. Mails


Triad Stage - Pictured: Beth Ritson; Photo by: VanderVeen Photographers

Triad Stage - Pictured: David Ryan Smith and Kim Wong; Photo by: VanderVeen Photographers

Triad Stage - Pictured: The Cast of All's Well that Ends Well; Photo by: VanderVeen Photographers

Triad Stage - Pictured: The Cast of

Triad Stage - Pictured: Cinny Strickland, Kim Wong, Chloe Clark Oliver, Madelynn Poulson. Photo by; VanderVeen Photographers

Triad Stage - Pictured: Alex Cioffi, DeAndre' Hicks, Brady Wease and Tyler Barnhardt; Photo by: VanderVeen Photographers

Triad Stage - Pictured: The Cast of

Triad Stage - Pictured: The Cast of

Triad Stage - Technical Rehearsal Photo, June 3, 2014. Scenic Design by Robin Vest. Photo by Triad Stage.

Triad Stage - Pictured: Anthony Michael Martinez, Kim Wong and John Herrera. Photo by VanderVeen Photographers.


Inside Look: All's Well that Ends Well with director Preston Lane and actresses Kim Wong and Cinny Strickland

InSight Speaker Dr. Michelle M. Dowd comments on how women and gender play a role in All's Well that Ends Well.

Triad Stage Closes Its 13th Season with All's Well that Ends Well

CVNCJune 13, 2014

The audience was able to lose its awareness of watching a Shakespeare production, and for a moment be immersed in something genuine, palpable, and uncalculated. Therein lies the difference between simply observing theater and experiencing it.

Shakespearean sounds: UNCG's Christine Morris at Triad Stage

UNCG NowJune 9, 2014

 Performing Shakespeare alongside professional actors could be intimidating. But with a voice/text coach giving the UNCG students personal lessons, the words come tripping off the tongue in the best kind of way. UNCG theater professor Christine Morris helps all the actors shine in the Triad Stage production of "All's Well that Ends Well." For the UNCG undergraduates in the production who have less experience with Shakespeare, she's a particularly valuable teacher.

Triad Stage actors give life to language in ALL'S WELL

News & Record/Go Triad June 5, 2014

 [Christine] Morris said the material Shakespeare provides is rich with meaning, nuance and unforgettable characters. "There's got to be a reason we keep doing this old stuff," she said. "It's so interesting." Morris adds that audiences shouldn't feel intimidated by Shakespeare's text. "Shakespearean English is English. It's old, but it's not a foreign language," she said.