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And Then There Were None

At The Pyrle Theater - Greensboro


And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

Solve the mystery before time runs out. Ten strangers trapped on a dangerous island each have a secret.  One by one, they begin to die.  Match your wits against the master of suspense to catch the killer before there are none.

From the Artistic Director:
I love a mystery.  The thrill of the unknown puts an audience on the edge of their seats.  The real world slips away as the puzzle takes over and soon we’ve even forgotten we’re in a theater. The terrifying chills of a great whodunit send shivers up our spine and makes us wonder who’s sitting beside us. Nobody thrills us better than Agatha Christie and this play—based on the most popular mystery novel of all time— is the Rolls Royce of suspense.  Enjoy the ride…if you dare.

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Sun, Sep 97:30pm P
Sep 10
Tue, Sep 117:30pm P,TT
Wed, Sep 127:30pm P
Thu, Sep 137:30pm P
Fri, Sep 148:00pm ON
Sat, Sep 152:00pm 8:00pm
Sun, Sep 162:00pm IN7:30pm
Sep 17
Tue, Sep 187:30pm $
Wed, Sep 197:30pm $,PT
Thu, Sep 207:30pm PS
Fri, Sep 218:00pm WT
Sat, Sep 228:00pm
Sun, Sep 232:00pm 7:30pm
Sep 24
Tue, Sep 257:30pm
Wed, Sep 267:30pm
Thu, Sep 277:30pm
Fri, Sep 288:00pm
Sat, Sep 298:00pm
Sun, Sep 302:00pm
Oct 1
Oct 2
Oct 3
Oct 4
Oct 5
Oct 6

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