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Actions and Objectives

April 2 - April 23, 2017

At The Pyrle Theater - Greensboro


Actions and Objectives

By Preston Lane

Just when things had seemed to calm down after the recent unpleasantness concerning the Zebulon Zebras, a new theater company announces plans to develop a play to celebrate the town’s sesquicentennial. As they probe the official story and rehearse the drama, the contemporary concerns of the artists and the community begin to parallel the struggles of the city’s first citizens. From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter, the line between the present and past, rehearsal and reality begins to blur as new truths emerge and tempers flare. In the tradition of Common Enemy, this world premiere drama returns Triad audiences to the town of Hawboro for a bold exploration of the contemporary South.

Tickets & Showtimes

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Sun, Apr 27:30pm P
Apr 3
Tue, Apr 47:30pm P,TT
Wed, Apr 57:30pm P
Thu, Apr 67:30pm P
Fri, Apr 78:00pm ON
Sat, Apr 88:00pm
Sun, Apr 92:00pm IN7:30pm
Apr 10
Tue, Apr 117:30pm $
Wed, Apr 127:30pm $
Thu, Apr 137:30pm PS
Fri, Apr 148:00pm WT
Sat, Apr 158:00pm
Sun, Apr 162:00pm 7:30pm
Apr 17
Tue, Apr 187:30pm
Wed, Apr 197:30pm
Thu, Apr 207:30pm
Fri, Apr 218:00pm
Sat, Apr 228:00pm
Sun, Apr 232:00pm
Apr 24
Apr 25
Apr 26
Apr 27
Apr 28
Apr 29

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