Triad Stage

2013-2014 MainStage Performances : The Lucky Season

The 13th Season – A note from Preston Lane, Artistic Director:

The theater is a superstitious place. In a live art form where so much can go so terribly wrong, most actors have their own rites and rituals to hopefully placate the theater spirits and guarantee a good performance. And there are—of course—numerous rules that every artist knows. You never say the name of Shakespeare’s Scottish play inside a theater. You never whistle. Peacock feathers are forbidden. You never wish a performer "good luck". And a light must always be left on in an empty theater.

Fortunately with so many superstitions guiding our behavior, theater artists have the great benefit that what is considered unlucky outside a theater in lucky inside. Walk under ladders and open your umbrellas and nothing bad will ever happen.

And since that is true, Triad Stage is thrilled to invite you to season 13. If you’re one of those people who avoid the dreaded number on Fridays, elevators or planes, you’ll be just fine as we unveil our luckiest season yet. And once you see our affordable season pass prices you’ll consider yourself lucky indeed.

And, of course, all of us at Triad Stage feel very lucky to get share our stories with you.

Preston Lane, Artistic Director